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Who we are?

Guerrini Industry is one of the leading national companies in the field of precision turned metal parts. Founded as a small artisan company in 1962, over the years it has evolved into automated turnery thanks to its continuous expansion and investment in cutting-edge technology.

The constant growth is based on the quality of its products, which have enabled the company to obtain important certifications, whilst focusing on technological evolution and services offered to customers such as: flexibility, speed, reliability and timely delivery.

There are many sectors in which Guerrini is present and its clientele is made up of leading multinationals like (Ducati, Brembo, Miroglio, Gewiss, Voss, Kongsberg, Giesse-Schlegel Group, just to name a few).

All phases of the production process take place within the company.

Turned parts are developed on the basis of customer technical drawings and specifications and analyzed in all aspects by each department (technical, quality, production, commercial, logistics) to provide the most accurate technical-economic evaluation possible, with a precise and real lead time. Any ancillary phases (shooting, finishing, assembly, manual or automatic selection) are also carried out internally.

Guerrini also boasts a number of qualified suppliers that concerns the completion of production phases: galvanized treatment, grinding, surface sealing treatments, heat treatment and annealing, that reduces further completion steps for the customer in the production chain.

The main objective contained in its Policies for Quality and the Environment is aimed at maintaining active information channels, internal and external, able to continuously ensure the conformity of the product/service to the customer’s requirements as well as to meet the needs/expectations relevant stakeholders (stakeholders).

Why choose us?

Company History

We have been manufacturing small precision metal parts for over 50 years, with a customer portfolio consisting of leading companies in their sector and characterized by a very low turnover.

Certified quality

Thanks to our modern machinery and the great care we place in quality control, we can guarantee high precision pieces, with a zero defect rate.

Diversified production

Adapting our production capacity to specific customer requests is one of the key factors that has allowed us to expand our business over the years.

Timely delivery

We are conscious that being part of a bigger group means that punctual delivery to our clients is essential.

Deposit account

Thanks to our company structure, we offer our customers the possibility to stock their warehouses with pieces but only pay for them at the time of collection.

Customized Packaging

If necessary and with prior agreement, we can ship pieces in special containers, designed to meet the needs of individual customers that we aim to meet.


Our ISO 9001 accreditation is an internationally recognized reference standard that certifies the excellence of the company’s quality management system. This also concerns customer satisfaction in relation to the products and services offered by the company.

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ISO 14001 certification identifies a high environmental management standard (EMS) by the company that undertakes to reduce waste and environmental risk in a preventive, cyclic and transparent manner.

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IATF 16949 is an international technical specification that deals with quality management systems in the automotive industry and ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of working processes. This includes continuous improvement, prevention and reduction of waste.

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