Guerrini Spa started manufacturing parts for the automobile industry towards the end of the 1990’s, and has since then gradually increased its output in this sector, which today amounts to 40% of its total production. Guerrini Spa works with the major automobile manufacturers such as Ducati and Brembo.


Over forty years experience in the sector. From manual machining to fully automated production. Guerrini Spa is a partner to numerous national and international companies.


Guerrini Spa has been working in this sector since 2006. The continuing market demands and the needs of our clientele motivate us towards continual improvement of the quality of our products and service.

White products

In 2009, the company and customer together started studying types of products suitable for the most innovative domestic appliances on the market. Guerrini Spa looks after the logistics and warehousing and, consequently, the procurement process on behalf of the customer. Technology and innovation are founded on experience.

Doors and windows

The windows and doors sector requires absolute precision. Guerrini is able to meet all the requirements thanks to its machinery and to the continuous controls that exclude all types of defects.

Other machining

All products can be subjected to any type of galvanic and/or heat treatment, carried out by qualified suppliers possessing the required quality certificates. When required by the customer, all items are supplied with a product conformity declaration, raw materials certificate and an IMDS inspection and test report.

The company

Guerrini Spa, automatic turnery of precision metallic hardware, was established in 1962 as a little artisanal enterprise. From the start, the continuous requests from an expanding market brought a fast-paced growth to the company and a significant increase of the machinery space.

The definitive quality shift happened in 1980, when Guerrini became a company limited by shares and undertook a general renewal process, introducing advanced technology machinery and highly-specialised staff.

Today, Guerrini is a leading company for small precision metal parts, which exports its products in Europe and in other countries, thanks to its highly technological machinery and qualified staff.

Other than providing precision turned components upon request from the customers, Guerrini also offers heat and galvanic treatments and supplies assemblies, thanks to its partnership with highly specialized companies.

Some of our customers

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